“A Moveable Feast”

I had high hopes from Paris. Illogical, stupid hopes. I had a strong belief that I would, perhaps, find the purpose or meaning of life. In my head, it all seemed fair. Too many, literally, too many artists, writers, filmmakers have been to Paris, hoping to find some divine inspiration. And I was naive enough… Continue reading “A Moveable Feast”

“A Song for the Sight”

A Sunday stroll down the numerous nostalgia shops in Marche aux Puces, really makes one wonder about the transient nature of everything that surrounds us. Many people, traveling to Paris for the first time, never even visit the flea market and that is a huge mistake. Browsing through forgotten and discarded items, perhaps rotten garbage… Continue reading “A Song for the Sight”

“A Sudden Realisation”

For someone visiting Paris for the first time, the way the cityscape changes may be daunting. From modern skyscrapers and depots to the bay windows lining every street; the architecture is dynamic while staying true to the history and roots of the city. Stepping inside the city at noon, I saw cafes and bistros full… Continue reading “A Sudden Realisation”

“A True Sentence”

My Paris blog is bound to be very different than the others, I just have a feeling. It’s either because of my innumerable re-reads of A Moveable Feast or my obsession with Midnight in Paris or maybe because I just hope to come out a changed person after Paris. This all sounds too romantic to… Continue reading “A True Sentence”


The beauty inspires Salzburg might just be the most beautiful city in the world, the river, the houses, the roads, the bridges, everything adds to the quintessential small town experience. Salzburg is full of places to visit. You can spend your mornings, traversing the Riverside, drinking espresso from the centuries old cafes, smelling the baking… Continue reading Salzburg


Szentendre or Saint Andrews is a picturesque river town on the Hungarian Danube. Few miles off the castle town of Visegrad, lies this typical old European “village” with cobbled roads cutting every corner. And this is where its beauty lies, Szentendre, unlike its many counterparts, stays original. You won't find a famous “branded” outlet or… Continue reading Szentendre


  THE TWIN CITY If I said that Budapest is “not a city, but a feeling”, it would sound nothing more or less than a classic cliché. But please bear with me while I recall my time spent over there travelling, so that I can justify why that cliché still stands. Budapest, like many cities… Continue reading Budapest