East Pole Coffee Co.


It is not often that I come across an establishment and am instantly at awe of what the space creates. But that is exactly what I have to say about East Pole Coffee co. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of Midtown and Atlantic station, the cafe beautifully utilizes the abundance of space at Armour Yards. I would not think twice before calling this place and establishment, rather than a Cafe, because that’s exactly what it is. With three distinct arrangements, an amphitheatrical staircase, an outdoor setting, and the traditional enclosed space, East Pole has added a whole new aspect to the coffee drinking experience of its patrons.

The Staircase, with the roastery behind it,  has the beautiful smell of coffee beans seep through and surround the conversations of customers, who choose to go for the casual yet comfortable and spacious setting that it creates. The architecture has an industrial mood to it, with blue and brown tones, creating a somber, modern look.


What separates East Pole, from most other cafes in Atlanta, is the ability of its space to create novelty for its customers. After stepping in, the abundance of sitting arrangements spoilt me for choice.

On a nice and sunny day, one can find people enjoying the outdoor setting. With the wooden sitting arrangments, keeping the flow of aesthetics across the three different environments created by the establishment.

East Pole has a limited, yet carefully crafted selection of drinks, made by baristas who actually know what they are doing. What I loved the most about it, was the attention to detail with the service. Every drink is served in a different way, the Cortado going with a small glass cup, Cappucino in the traditional mug, and the Latte which went amazingly well with the handle-less cups. There is truly some pleasure in holding a warm cup of Latte with two hands, and the folks at East Pole were quick to recognize it.


With a small selection of pastries and muffins, East Pole hits close to home, what I have always tried to find in a cafe, quality over quantity. The danishes are delectable, fresh, and just the right amount of sweet, which goes extremely well with the smooth roast of their coffee.

One of the most impressive aspects of the place was its ability to be an actual workplace, with somber music and well-spaced arrangments, even at its most crowded, one can find a place to grind work and enjoy some of their best grinds too. With succulents around every corner and Baristas who are more than willing to engage in a conversation with their customers, East Pole creates a welcoming environment for every kind of coffee lover.


I was a bit apprehensive about its early closing time, 4 pm on weekends and 5 on weekdays, but I can see how the daylight adds to the essence of this place. And after spending five continuous hours at East Pole, it has solidified its position as my go-to weekend cafe. With its design, coffee, and service, East Pole, undoubtedly became one of the best, if not the best, coffee establishments in Atlanta, on my first visit.


Quality – 3.5/4

Price – 3.5/4

Space – 4/4


East Pole Coffee Co, Armour Yards.


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