Szentendre or Saint Andrews is a picturesque river town on the Hungarian Danube. Few miles off the castle town of Visegrad, lies this typical old European “village” with cobbled roads cutting every corner. And this is where its beauty lies, Szentendre, unlike its many counterparts, stays original. You won’t find a famous “branded” outlet or “the hip restaurant everyone is talking about” in Szentendre, what you will find is cafes and local shops which have been running for years.

Now that is the great thing about this tiny river town. It doesn’t pretend to be something it is not.



Szentendre is a 1-hour train ride from Buda, and I would specifically suggest a train ride over a ferry as the latter is not worth the buck. Yes, it is a river town, but the ferry ride is really not the best one.


Once you are there, head over to the town square, that is where everything is. There are great restaurants and cafes all over the town square, with some great local shopping at unbelievable prices.


Be sure to reach by 9 am at max so that you can spend undisturbed and quality time in the town square before the tourists take over. Sundays are the best day to visit as all shops are open and the afternoon gives way to impromptu music gigs by the local talent. Be sure to leave by 5:30 as the last ferry back to Buda can be an experience some would appreciate.

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